IOS Devices (I-Phone / I-Pad)


Download an APP for your device

The applications below have been tested and WILL connect and play all streams from BOTH radio stations.  After installing, visit "Carl's Gold Radio" OR "Carl's Country Classics Radio" again and select one of the stream links for "Mobile APP" to listen live to the station of your choice.

*** NOTE:  When listening on an "app" (player), you will only be hearing the broadcast and many features of the station page will not be visible or available within the "app".  You will not be able to see or use the "make a request link", browse the song library, see what is coming up next or what has recently played.  If you'd like to have access to these features, try using one of the other listening links on the station launch pages (below)...if your device will play the audio from those links.  All listening options are available in, BOTH, 96K AAC and 64K MP3. 

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